Hardly Alone

by Señor Fin

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released August 2, 2019

recorded & mixed by Johnny Goss at Dandelion Gold
mastered by John McBain at JPM Mastering
thanks to the friends and family that inspire the music on this album and beyond,


all rights reserved



Señor Fin Seattle, Washington

denton tx-born seattle based

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Track Name: Before I Change
your fluent hands are with me
it's not surprising
that people find it easy
when their world is always winding

before I change, I should let you know
it's not just me, it's something i can't control

tainted wine and whiskey
on this ratchet evening
queen of the stars come with me
your love is always shining

before I change, I should let you know
it's not just me, it's something i can't control
Track Name: Hardly Alone
All I want is you. The night is almost through, will I see you soon? My heart is so untrue. Am I brave enough to ask you?

Hardly Alone, Hardly next to you.
Take my hand. Do you feel it too?

Do you have the harmony I seek? The part I wanna sing is too high for me.
Don't you think that love is never quite in key?
And the hardest part is always me.
Track Name: 90's Love
father gives, mother reads the news
the same white plates, the only cups I've ever known
boyhood dreams, stuck in those same trees
dust on keys, little melodies
90's love, what did you teach me?

feather light, naked in your room
I thought I'd cherish all this time away from you
but I had your lips like you had mine
told me how I was your sunlight
on your front steps where we'd have fights

how cold i've grown

once more to the cliffs out west
out of breath, fingers in my hair
obsolete like the field guns that guard the fort
this year, just like the one before
Track Name: Screaming
last night i woke up, screaming again
i couldn't get those drums you played out of my head
neighborhood's out drinking, but I stayed inside tonight
I like the space, but it's lonely with you gone in the night

last night you woke up, calling my name
you couldn't get that shit i said out of your head
so I took a walk on the main drag and I walked past our favorite bar
I had to keep my head down, I felt like a scar

you said, while reading my reaction,
"i'm tired of having to explain"
am i just hungry for attention
the small hand moves and i'm a slave

sitting down, walking 'round
i tried them both to keep my mind at bay
the nights that slow down to silence, barely a sound
and with the midnight lamp on, i'm a hammer on your painted nails
i should've spoke up sooner, i'm worried we'll fail

you said, while reading my reaction,
"i'm tired of having to explain"
am i just hungry for attention
the small hand moves and i'm a slave (x2)
Track Name: Turn the Camera
hollowed out agony inside my heart today, I know that you feel the same
saw you cry when I said it wasn't all so easy
I know that we share this pain

turn the camera away from me, I don't want them to see this side of me
and it takes a lot out of me just to take care of my own body

mother I can't find the strength to write you back, you feel to far away
who am I? who am I to deny the church to you?
I don't know if I'm okay
Track Name: Soak
show me how you process convolution
swimming in the Boeing plant's pollution
darkened air we breathe

walk in through our door and i'll be shaking
want to say i'm aching but that's lazy
how do your hands feel?

your hands feel raw
Track Name: Dream the Way I Do
carry you on my back
here's to feeling good all the time
say it loud so I can hear you,
proud of what?

pages from my book
yellow mama and the life she took
does the rugged cross await us?
i'll hold you till i'm dust

couples on the lawn
looks so lovely, but to me it's wrong
i turned away when you asked me
do you dream the way i do?

pain, dear
what happens in the morning is still far
it's still far

i'm riddled in half truths
unable to face blues

do you dream the way i do?
of living love-fooled

lighter if i could
lover, then i would
Track Name: Chase
I go everywhere with you
I even go to school with you
smoking flowers from a can
I'll never understand

chase me on a bike, Jesse
I never expected you to be my friend for life, but here we are

It's the same thing we've always done, except it's not
except it's always new too
Track Name: Only Be
this is a feeling I don't like
this is a problem I can't hide
talked to my good friend and sister last night
talked to everyone but her

she's my only B I tried to hold it in but I can't, I just can't

this is the rosin on my bow
this is the climax of my show
this is the episode everyone knows
try to relax and let it show

she's my only B I tried to run away from myself but I can't, I just can't

this is the only song I sing
these are the bitters that I drink
forget the chords and everything
this is the net that catches me

she's my only B we'll only be the whole thing
i'm hoping
but I can't
I just can't
Track Name: You and Yours
porous mind you've hardened yet
coral brain with reefs untouched
your vapid tongue your coddled heart
remain the same

poorest think you've every had
scraping by is not that bad
but I stole lunch from PCC last Saturday

and it's all because you noticed it
the one you couldn't live with wasn't you
but your highest self is new-agey
and nothing in this moment isn't weird

please just keep to you & yours
kindness doesn't fit through doors
your worried mind is occupied by loyalty
counting sides that had my shape
meaningless to speculate
the analog is annular undoubtedly

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